Going Where I Have to Go

PANmediaFeb '11 ‐ Apr '13

Web Development Engineer

At PANmedia I make up one aspect of the digital development squad, part of a diverse and highly talented force that offers a results-driven approach to providing the best possible outcomes for our clients.

My core skills are tested and expanded daily. My focus is providing the finest solutions for the varied online applications and websites that we develop.

The development squad is involved with the inception, planning, implementation and general development of exciting new solutions. We also maintain and enhance various legacy applications.

We operate at the very edge of what is possible with today's tools, pushing user experience and client outcomes beyond previously accepted boundaries.

At PANmedia, my core skills in PHP, Javascript, MySQL, Apache and Linux are tested and expanded daily, and I'm encouraged to continuously seek out and experiment with new digital techniques and applications.

ECPodNov '09 ‐ Feb '11

Vice President, Lead Development Engineer

ECPod is a blogging platform aimed at bringing bloggers of any language together under one service. Hosted in the PRC, the ECPod platform has been developed and implemented by myself and a team of designers, using PHP, Apache, MySQL, Perl and Smarty.

At this position I worked directly beneath the CEO, working together with a team to ensure the company was able to release features and bug fixes in a timely and reliable manner. I was directly involved in all aspects of technical decision making, and was required to provide swift and accurate advice on industry best practice and software / hardware issues.

I was personally responsible for almost every aspect of the implementation of the ECPod site and infrastructure – from HTML/CSS to database design and server architecture.

This job required me to be efficient under pressure and always be positive and open minded.

UNITECNov '08 ‐ Jun '09

Contract Programmer

UNITEC uses a purpose-built program to transfer offline teaching materials into online material, and to create new online teaching material. The resulting teaching material is then accessed by the students via UNITEC's website.

I worked on an addition to this software that will allow teachers to add interactive mathematical formula to their teaching materials. Formulae are built by dragging and dropping operators and variables onto an equation line. Additional lines may added, and the user may select various elements of the equation to to be computed and simplified for the following line. This allows the user to build comprehensive step-by-step tutorials describing how one should approach a given formula. The online aspect of this project is implemented in flash, and has been handled by a colleague.

This project required skills in Java and project management.

University of WaikatoDec '08 ‐ Mar '09

Summer Research

Member of the research team behind the published paper '&rquot;All You Can Eat&lquot; Ontology-Building: Feeding Wikipedia to Cyc'.

Duties included MySQL database administration, Wikipedia Infobox processing, online results evaluation and general web design. I attended frequent and regular team meetings where strategies and work allocation were discussed. I was involved in the writing and proof-reading of the paper, and implemented the online results evaluation form.

I was responsible for the creation and management of the Wikipedia Infobox database, ensuring query speed even though the database was very large.

This project required skills in MySQL database design and administration, Javascript, jQuery, AJAX, PHP and Java.

The published paper may be accessed here: "All You Can Eat" Ontology-Building: Feeding Wikipedia to Cyc.

Code of InterestFeb '08 ‐ Current

Sole Trader

I Began to design and sell add-ons for the popular website management and creation software Rapid Weaver for OS X. I started with "Rounded Smart Blocks". I then developed "Smart Buttons" which were buttons that show a configurable hovering tool-tip when one moved the mouse over them. Finally I developed a plugin for Rapid Weaver.

My plugin, Slider, allows users to create an information portal that is presented in a vibrant and dynamic manner. It is extremely customizable.

These helped develop my skills in HTML, CSS, Javascript and Objective C.

Since inception, Slider has been replaced by Slider 2, which is a full rewrite. The buttons and blocks have been discontinued. More information available here: Code of Interest.

Michael D. R. A. Robinson