A Brief History of Mine

Programming merges language with logic, poetry with machines.

Languages with grammar both more simple complex compared to our human tongues, lacking in vocabulary but not expressiveness. The code is rigid but not unyielding - if one knows where to push.

The verse is terse, and inscrutable to those unfamiliar with its charms. The same is beautiful in its richness of expression to the journeyman.

Programming is what I love to do, it is a part of me that doesn't switch off.

I count myself among the lucky as I'm able to code everyday. I code for work, I code for play.

On the odd occasions that I'm not thinking about, researching or writing code, I read spend time with my family, travel, game, take photos, read science fiction and sometimes poetry.

My experiences living in far away lands allows me to view the world through wider eyes, I perceive things from angles different to the norm. Learning Chinese has shown me ways of thinking previously closed to my mind.

I learn by going where I need to go.

Michael D. R. A. Robinson